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Video depositions have come a long way since VHS recording was the method of choice in the mid-70’s.

Video depositions are often used when a witness is unavailable for trial. Edited versions are played before the jury when the Court rules in advance on objections. But that’s only one reason for video recording depositions.

Recording your opponent’s expert witnesses gives you the opportunity to preserve their testimony before they have been fully prepared for trial.

With the advent of digital technology, the use of discovery deposition clips as an impeachment tool has changed the trial landscape dramatically.


Savvy litigators are able to call up contradictory testimony live at trial with just a few keystrokes. The impact of watching prior inconsistent testimony on the video screen is far greater to the jury and the witness than simply hearing it read from a transcript. It prevents people from hiding behind their words.

This is easily accomplished with synchronized video deposition. This simple process combines the video source and the text file from the court reporter on one disc. That disc will play in any computer and is searchable by page/line and keyword.

The Sync is also a valuable preparation tool as the video gives you the full picture. It allows you to evaluate the witness’s tone and body language in same way a jury would at trial. In addition, attorneys can easily make clips to review testimony with other witnesses, counsel or the judge.

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