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Corporate Video Production Services

With a highly skilled team of corporate video producers, state-of-the-art equipment, and over four decades of experience, the Geomatrix production team has the knowledge and creative perspective needed to bring your vision to life and get your message across with stunning high-quality video content.

What sets us apart from other corporate video production companies? It begins with our spirit of collaboration. We are passionate about sharing our insights, ideas and opinions as we learn about the client and the type of message they are trying to get across. We believe in making it easy to work and share ideas throughout the creative process. As an award-winning corporate video company, we take pride in our work and are attentive to details that can help you tell a story with words and images.

From post-production to motion graphics, all of our corporate video services are designed to ensure that the final product successfully brings your vision to life. Regardless of what type of promotional videos you’re looking to create, we will tailor the production process to meet your needs. We have worked with major corporations and small businesses, and our video production process is designed to meet your needs and goals. Creating video is our specialty and we look forward to helping your organization design the ultimate digital marketing campaign.

Great work starts with a great team. Our staff of corporate video producers, directors, writers, editors and crew include some who have worked together since the early days of video production. That experience gives us a unique perspective on today’s digital technology landscape, unlike that of other video production companies. With over forty years of experience, our corporate production services encapsulate a wide range of subject matter and styles.

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Geomatrix Productions has provided video services to law firms, corporations, schools, non-profits and marketing/advertising firms.  View our video production client list or testimonials.

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