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Litigation Video Production Services


Juries take careful notice of visual evidence. After all, they live with YouTube, smart phones and on-demand television. Think about the last seminar you attended, didn’t you expect a PowerPoint?

Graphics and animation are powerful tools for bringing clarity into the courtroom. When the facts of a case center on the mechanisms of injury, a sequence of events, product design specifications or any matter where demonstrating movement is useful, 2-D and 3-D animation with litigation support video provide the visual answer.

We can help you navigate the maze of new formats, surveillance recordings and medical imaging to create a successful, cogent litigation video presentation.

By creating demonstratives that flow with your entire case, Geomatrix gives your courtroom presentation a compelling visual style; enhancing your credibility and persuasiveness with our litigation video production services.

Attorney John Cirello explains why he had Geomatrix create an animated video to illustrate a complex accident where a pedestrian was killed:  “The opposing attorney had a simple story to tell, but when you delved into the details it became clear there were liability issues.  If I had attempted to tell the story in writing, people would stop reading. And, if I had attempted to tell the story verbally, I would have been interrupted.  A video has the unique ability to draw people in, and allows you to have your entire story heard.”  John Cirello, Esq. Cirello & Vesicchio,  LLC

Geomatrix Productions has provided video services to law firms, corporations, schools, non-profits and marketing/advertising firms.  View our video production client list or testimonials.

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