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Video Settlement & Mediation Video Services

Settlement documentaries are designed to present an overview of your case.

Using a Settlement Mediation Video to Your Advantage
Settlement documentaries are designed to present an overview of your case to an arbitrator, mediator, insurance adjustor, or opposing counsel. Since they are not intended for the jury, they can be more persuasive and are designed to tell your story – this can and often does facilitate dispute resolution proceedings by ensuring that parties have access to competent, complete, relevant information in a format that is clear, concise, and powerful.

Our settlement/mediation video production services combine on-camera interviews with a formidable array of key witnesses such as the plaintiffs, their families, physicians, therapists, and relevant experts. A professional narration may also be used to provide additional background or details. Video, photographs, news reports, surveillance footage, animation, and documents such as medical records, actuarial tables and demands can all be incorporated into a potent pretrial summary. These documentaries demonstrate a high level of case-preparedness and facilitate settlement.

Video and the Advancement of the Litigation Environment
Video settlement documentaries are provided as digital video files to enable you to navigate directly to key points as they are raised during negotiations, facilitating the mediation process. As creations of Geomatrix Productions, the premier legal video production company in Connecticut, our dispute resolution videos are cost-effective, proven, and insightful tools used to present cases and key information to the appropriate parties. Our professionals have over 40 years of experience creating presentations highlighting everything from infractions and violations of universal laws to evidence of devastating injuries and more for our clients in order to maximize settlements and obtain justified verdicts in the courtroom.

A comprehensive visual presentation at pretrial and during negotiations demands a mastery of universal laws, technology, attention to detail, and more in order to be effective. Geomatrix Productions is a well-known pioneer in legal video services, and is considered the premier trusted partner of attorneys, mediators, and adjustors. Our experience lends us the reputation of being able to create animations, graphics, and other powerful evidence to bring clarity to court.

Dispute Resolution Video Support
Geomatrix Productions’ dispute resolution videos, mediation programs, and settlement programs are available in addition to day-in-the-life video production, video depositions, litigation support videos, electronic trial support, synchronized video depositions, and more. With technological advances in litigation and dispute resolution videos always moving, it’s crucial to obtain demonstratives that lend credibility to your case in a way that is effective, accurate, and professional. Rest assured that our team will create a powerful, purposeful video for your dispute resolution needs using the latest technology and techniques to integrate graphics, animations, documents, testimonials, and more into effective trial support.

Geomatrix Productions has provided video services to law firms, corporations, schools, non-profits and marketing/advertising firms.  View our video production client list or testimonials.

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