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As lawyers, we have ideas about how a day in the life video should be shot and what we want to put in…or we can point out what we think is important from a presentation point of view…we really need skilled and experienced professional help to point out the best way to show things. Geomatrix has been doing this for many years and they are very good, it’s hard for me to recommend any other than Geomatrix

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="William J. Ronalter & James W. Bergenn" description="Shipman & Goodwin, LLP"]
Our client, an award-winning emergency room nurse, was injured in an auto accident. We retained Geomatrix to create a compelling video of witnesses to speak of the dramatic changes she experienced since the crash. The claim settled for $4,875,000. Geomatrix’s video was essential in obtaining this result for our client.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Charles Price, Esq." description="McEnery, Price, Messey & Sullivan, LLC"]
Geomatrix did an exceptional job in preparing a “Day in the Life” video of our client and her daughter. It was very powerful. Having a professionally and empathetically conducted interview with a minor, so that they can share their fears and losses, came across better than any deposition or transcript.” The $13.6 million dollar settlement included $1.5 million for loss of parental consortium.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Michael Walsh, Esq." description="Walsh Woodard, LLC"]
Geomatrix’s video was instrumental in helping to persuade the mediator and claims representatives to settle at mediation for a good result by illustrating the plaintiffs’ underlying injuries in a compassionate and compelling way, as told in their own words. The power of video to dig below the surface of face value first impressions is undeniable. It was a valuable tool to overcome the challenges we had with this case.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Nicholas E. Wocl, Esq." description="Wocl Leydon, LLC"]
I knew that I wanted to send an emotional and powerful message both to the insurance company and to the defense attorney on the other side and I knew that Geomatrix would be able to do that for me. I wanted to convey how beloved and full of life this woman was, and Geomatrix was able to portray that. The video was extraordinarily powerful, it was extraordinarily effective, but not over the top. It was balanced and very appropriately done. The video did everything that I could ever hope for.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Michael Jainchill, Esq." description="RisCassi & Davis, PC"]
When your audience is made up of defense lawyers, insurance claims people and judges who have seen everything in their careers, it takes a lot to get through to them and make an impression. Settlement videos are the most effective way for the decision makers to see and appreciate the impact that these accidents have on the victims, without being filtered through the lens of their prior experiences, as would be the case with a written description. The professionals at Geomatrix are skilled in conducting interviews that bring out my client’s best responses. That, along with the creativity Geomatrix brings to the table makes all the difference.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Michael A. D’Amico, Esq." description="D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC"]
We recently hired Geomatrix, who we have worked with for decades, to create a settlement video for a tragic wrongful death. Geomatrix was able to powerfully communicate the family bonds and friendships that shaped the decedent’s life, and the music, ministry and motorcycles that he enjoyed so much. The video was instrumental in settling the legal claims for the full liability policy limits of $5.3 million, and in avoiding protracted litigation for his surviving widow and family. Jeremy (Attorney Jeremy D’Amico) and I seldom have a wrongful death case where we do not ask Geomatrix to create a life video. It is a powerful settlement tool.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Paul Iannaccone, Esq." description="RisCassi & Davis, PC"]
What started out as a request to just document the impact of my client’s devastating injuries, became a well-organized and logical video, incorporating witness statements and expert testimony, legal citations and video laying out the entire case from the creation of the defect up through the causation and impact of her injuries on her life. I soon realized that the Geomatrix video could lay out the entire case in under 20 minutes.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Michael Jainchill, Esq." description="RisCassi & Davis, PC"]
In a matter involving a young mother who suffered severe vision loss, there were concerns because – even though both sides concurred the plaintiff’s vision loss was ‘permanent’ and ‘profound,’ qualifying her as legally blind, by looking at her you couldn’t tell that she couldn’t see. She functions well enough to find her way around. I had an idea and reached out to Geomatrix Productions. Geomatrix used cutting-edge technology to create an augmented reality video that let the stakeholders in the case have a realistic peek through his client’s eyes. Everyone who viewed the video had a vicarious authentic experience of the plaintiff’s real damages and the severe visual limitations she struggled with every day.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="John Cirello, Esq." description="Cirello & Vesicchio, LLC"]
Geomatrix created an animated video illustrating a complex accident where a pedestrian was killed and Attorney John Cirello contacted Geomatrix. “The opposing attorney had a simple story to tell, but when you delve into the details it becomes clear there were liability issues. If I had attempted to tell the story in writing, people would stop reading. And, if I had attempted to tell the story verbally, I would have been interrupted. A video has the unique ability to draw people in, and allows you to have your entire story heard

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Stewart Casper, Esq." description="Casper & de Toledo, LLC"]
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the superb job you and your team did on the file which so poignantly conveyed the plight of my client…You caught so may critical elements of her day-to-day existence and then assembled them in a seamless presentation that left the viewer breathless.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="John Mills, Esq." description="Mills Law Firm, LLC"]
The narrative and video clips were extremely effective…packing so much punch into a 12 minute video took expert editing…the final product was vital to our success in settling this case during the course of a court mediation for $3.25 million.

[ewf-testimonial style="ewf-testimonial-style-1" name="Steven J. Errante, Esq." description="Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante"]
We settled the case this summer after (my client’s) death.  His death lowered the value of the case (which I think the defendants were hoping for) but, your video captured the 5 years of suffering he endured and resulted in a very substantial settlement.

Steve Errante, Esq.

Lynch, Traub, Keefe & Errante, PC

That’s as compelling a consortium claim as I’ve seen in 34 years in the business. It appears that your clients had a great marriage and life together.

Shane Gingras

Litigation Specialist | Nationwide

The video was an important part of our ultimate success….the Judge’s decision was nearly four times greater than the last offer by the insurance company…many thanks for a great job.

Dale P. Faulkner, Esq.

Faulkner and Graves, PC, New London, CT

The video was used in a mediation in Phoenix, AZ which resulted in a very substantial resolution….While the medical records and bills were impressive and significant, the video was compelling. There is no question in my mind that we were able to achieve substantially better results because of the high quality of your “Day in the Life” video.

Steven M. Errante, Esq.

Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante, New Haven, CT

I hired Geomatrix to produce a day in the life video of my wheelchair bound client, in his home, in the context of a claim for injuries.  Because the client was already disabled, it was important for us to be able to show how his incident related problems made an already challenging situation so much more difficult both for the client, and especially for his wife and family….. all of which were produced into a manageable video, which was used to successfully conclude the case at mediation… worth every penny spent.

Jeremy Vishno, Esq.

Vishno Law, Fairfield, CT

Walter’s assistance with our trial preparation and trial presentation needs was invaluable and no doubt contributed to the jury returning a defense verdict in less than two hours after four weeks of trial….He was able to adjust to changing trial presentation needs on-the-fly and always maintained his calm demeanor and sense of humor.

James K. Robertson, Esq.

Carmody & Torrance, Waterbury, CT

You made (my client) feel very comfortable and I think this played a large part in your ability to obtain footage that shared the hardships that she deals with on a daily basis.

Steven M. Errante, Esq.

Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante, New Haven, CT

I want to thank you and your staff again for the “day on the life” video that you prepared in my case.  Your video helped the defense understand the magnitude of my client’s injuries in ways that words only could not describe which ultimately helped to maximize the settlement amount.

David Parnoff, Esq.

Sette & Parnoff, Hamden, CT

Apart from being really interesting in its own right, I loved the creative way that the people-flow has been illustrated in the video. It is a great clip to use in a future presentation or interview on any project where people-flow and wayfinding is a key issue, something that comes up frequently in airport projects. Well done!


Boston, MA

The final product clearly reflects your willingness to listen to our ideas and our goals….you were genuinely interested in our organization. In the 25 years I have been with this organization, I have never seen a more effective presentation of our work.

Tony DelMastro

CEO, The Children’s Center of Hamden

I am pleased to say that with your help, we far exceeded our goals, raising over $100,000 for Habitat for Humanity in just one hour, after our guests viewed the video.

Sue Sigler-Popkin

Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity

The Deconstruction Training video has been getting very good response from construction industry people, as well as workforce development professionals. You do great work.

Robert Fort

Marketing Director, Workforce Alliance

It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your very talented staff in designing a merchant training video to be disseminated statewide…invaluable to tobacco merchants.

Judith A. Stonger

CPP, Wheeler Clinic

Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with…walking the line between entertainment and technical material can be a real challenge and you managed to find the perfect balance.

Bruce Clark

Engineering Manager, AITek

Geomatrix has been very instrumental in our success. I cannot thank you enough.

Thomas J. Raducha

VP Sales, Beyond Products, Inc.

You helped us turn a complicated message into a very approachable and visual narrative.

Linda Osten

Manager, CRCOG

Edgar and the team at Geomatrix are always at the ready to create a winning video…they’ll deliver a high quality product in a very short time frame. They are responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with!

Tracy Aiello

Public Relations, Bruegger’s

Your management of all the conference-the complicated shoot with 3 cameras, IMAG, interviews, workshops, and the B-roll over the 2 day period were exectued without a hitch and with good humor!

Roye Anastasio-Bourke

Communications Manager, Casey Family Services

There were many positive reactions to Tuesday night’s presentation of the video. It really did a great job of getting our message across, and tugging on a few heartstrings!

Ann Baker Pepe

Development Director, Foote School
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