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Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Don’t Miss this Powerful Zoom Feature

Zoom’s most under-utilized feature: On-screen presentation of exhibits Presenting on-screen exhibits during remote video depositions is a powerful feature of these applications but requires learning a complex new technology or adding a trained trial technician to your deposition.  The features available are quite effective and are similar in some ways to our electronic trial presentation services or […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Remote Video Depositions: Overcoming the Limitations and Utilizing the Features

Recording Quality: Know the Difference Many video conferencing software applications offer built in recording capabilities and it’s important to understand the quality of video you are getting with these options and the limitations they can present. While do-it-yourself Zoom recordings may appear as an easy solution they have severe limitations that make them ill-suited for high quality video […]

Corporate Video

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Air Space Condominium: The CT Supreme Court Made it Legal, Video Makes it Understandable!

The creation of an Air Space Condominium in Connecticut is a legal structure that gives developers, investors, banks and property owners a way to maximize return on property investment, offer future liquidity and flexibility and, where banks and lenders are concerned, can help with restructuring and modifications of loans supported by distressed real estate assets.  […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Bridgeport Teachers Get Creative During Quarantine

The unexpectedly eventful 2019-2020 school year has officially ended. However due to social distancing requirements brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, this year’s goodbyes came far sooner than graduation commencements. Bridgeport’s Thomas Hooker School expressed just how much they missed their students in the best way possible: through song. Inspired by the official music video of […]

Geo Happenings

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

It Was 40 Years Ago (or so) Geomatrix Started Making Videos

As Geomatrix Productions celebrates 40 years, it is known as a small business that thinks big and gets enormous results for its clients. Geo’s success can be summed up in a few words: responsive to change. The company, established in 1978 and based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, has prioritized remaining progressive and relevant. By recognizing that […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

New White Paper Gives Litigators Needed Tools to Gain the Edge on Digital Trials

Multimedia technology has revolutionized the way evidence is presented to judges and juries in the courtroom. But navigating this new landscape of digital trials can be confusing and cumbersome for litigators seeking to win the greatest settlements for their clients. Now, Geomatrix Productions has made this task much easier with the publication of our new […]

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