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Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Medical Malpractice – Early Mediation – Know When to Show Them

Sometimes it makes sense to show your cards as quickly as possible, and save everybody’s time. This was the decision Attorney Pam Cameron, of Moore, O’Brien & Foti arrived at recently as she brought a medical malpractice case to mediation. This was a tragic case of an expectant mother who desired a home birth, only […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Update: New Evidence Presented in “The Mysterious Case of Billy B”

An elderly Connecticut woman suffers from dementia and is moved into a nursing facility. Her home is left abandoned by her conservator when he moves to California. Eventually the house becomes dilapidated and the town sends the conservator a notice because the property is now violating a blight ordinance, but there is no follow up. […]

Corporate Video

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

The Secret Ingredient of New Haven Pizza and Beer Revealed

It turns out the same ingredient that makes New Haven pizza world renowned, also attracts master brewers to the area. Integrated marketing and communications firm Mason, Inc. of Bethany, Connecticut was tasked by the distributor of this “secret” ingredient to spread the word about the quality, benefits, and cost effectiveness of their product. So, who’s […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Can One Video Entice Students AND Sell Parents (From all Over the World?)

When Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) in London, England decided to bring their series of highly successful independent international college prep summer programs to a university campus in the United States, they partnered  with the best. For the pilot program’s location, ORA chose the campus at Yale University. And to convey what makes the program so […]

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Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

It Was 40 Years Ago (or so) Geomatrix Started Making Videos

As Geomatrix Productions celebrates 40 years, it is known as a small business that thinks big and gets enormous results for its clients. Geo’s success can be summed up in a few words: responsive to change. The company, established in 1978 and based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, has prioritized remaining progressive and relevant. By recognizing that […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

New White Paper Gives Litigators Needed Tools to Gain the Edge on Digital Trials

Multimedia technology has revolutionized the way evidence is presented to judges and juries in the courtroom. But navigating this new landscape of digital trials can be confusing and cumbersome for litigators seeking to win the greatest settlements for their clients. Now, Geomatrix Productions has made this task much easier with the publication of our new […]

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