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Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Trials Will Resume On… (are you ready with your digital litigation tools?)

Recently on their CTLA podcast, “Pod Ipsa Loquitur,” Mike Walsh and John Kennedy talked with Chief Administrative Judge for Civil Matters Judge Jim Abrams about the reopening of Connecticut courts in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will the courts be opening in November as Connecticut Chief Justice Robinson suggested recently in the Hartford Courant? […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

“Like Lighting a Match”

“It’s like lighting a match,” said attorney Dale P. Faulkner of Faulkner and Graves, discussing how the pre-existing osteoarthritis condition lay dormant in his client. “The fear of an impending broadside crash caused him to grip the steering wheel so tightly as to cause a flare up in the joints in his hands.  He knew […]

Corporate Video

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

7 Quick Facts About Video For AEC Marketing That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

AEC marketing can be hard, but here are 7 things that video can do to make your job easier. Seeing examples of what others are doing can be a good way to get ideas. Take a look and get inspired! 1-Video is a powerful way to highlight the strengths of your business and showcase your […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Top Ten Tips for Virtual Trade Show Videos

Virtual trade shows are going strong and video is by far the most effective way for your organization to make an impact at one. By following the guidelines included in the list below, one CT company recently succeeded in achieving their goals while participating in their first virtual conference. Their story (and the video they […]

Geo Happenings

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

It Was 40 Years Ago (or so) Geomatrix Started Making Videos

As Geomatrix Productions celebrates 40 years, it is known as a small business that thinks big and gets enormous results for its clients. Geo’s success can be summed up in a few words: responsive to change. The company, established in 1978 and based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, has prioritized remaining progressive and relevant. By recognizing that […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

New White Paper Gives Litigators Needed Tools to Gain the Edge on Digital Trials

Multimedia technology has revolutionized the way evidence is presented to judges and juries in the courtroom. But navigating this new landscape of digital trials can be confusing and cumbersome for litigators seeking to win the greatest settlements for their clients. Now, Geomatrix Productions has made this task much easier with the publication of our new […]

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