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Can One Video Entice Students AND Sell Parents (From all Over the World?)

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 4.30.20 PMWhen Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) in London, England decided to bring their series of highly successful independent international college prep summer programs to a university campus in the United States, they partnered  with the best. For the pilot program’s location, ORA chose the campus at Yale University. And to convey what makes the program so special to potential attendees and their families, they chose Geomatrix Productions to produce their marketing  video.  The ORA program brings  students, ages 13-18 from all over the world and widely varied backgrounds, to study together in New Haven.

Because ORA administration is located in England and the project required an extremely speedy turnaround, they needed an experienced video production company on the ground in the States that could work independently, effectively, and quickly. They trusted Geomatrix to meet the challenge of creating a compelling video that would engage multiple audiences.

Geomatrix producer Patrick Volk explains,

“The video had to entice international students by conveying the excitement and the rich experiences that await them through their enrollment, while also portraying to their families the high quality of the academics, the commitment to safety, and the character-building benefits of the program. All in less than two minutes!”

To do this, the story was told through the words of the ORA students and staff, via interviews conducted on location. “I generally prefer to tell a story through the words of the people involved. Doing it that way, instead of relying on a narrator, delivers a message that is more authentic and is more likely to resonate with the viewer, ” said Volk.

Putting interviewees at ease and coming up with the right questions and prompts can deliver powerful sound bites that come from the heart. The genuineness of the unscripted delivery adds to the persuasiveness of their words:

“It was like a dream come true for me.”

“I met new people from all over the world.”

“I didn’t know I’d learn so much and have such a great experience.”

To bring their words alive, and paint a vivid picture of the program,  Volk worked with  Geomatrix videographer Antoinette Canieso  to capture footage of the students actively participating in various activities around campus. The video culminates in a call to action, directly from the enthusiastic participants once again:

“Grab this, get your application and come to this amazing campus.”

“Don’t doubt yourself, go for it – just do it!”

The students were obviously very excited by the program, and Oxford Royale Academy was equally pleased with the Geomatrix video. ORA administration summed up the job this way:

“It was a pleasure working with Patrick and the Geomatrix team. They were extremely responsive and worked hard to get the program where we wanted it to be. I look forward to working with them in the future!”

From around the world, or in our own back yard, you can always count on Geomatrix to deliver a quality product that will genuinely connect with your audience and get the results you are looking for.


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