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Case Study Shows Video’s Impact at Virtual Conference.

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

With conferences now virtual, exhibitors are exploring new ways of conveying their products and services to attendees. Gone for now are company reps in their expensive booths; video presentations are now getting a second look as a viable alternative. But what kind of video? Can it be a generic or does it have to be tailored to the specific virtual convention? And, is it something attendees will even watch?

A case study reveals illustrates how a simple video can yield an impressive ROI.


Construction Solutions Group (CSG), a small business based in East Hartford, Connecticut specializing in owner’s representation and project management, made the decision to exhibit at LeadingAge Connecticut’s Annual Expo.

Originally scheduled for May 2020 and impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, the conference was rescheduled as a virtual event to be held on October 13, 2020. Upon committing to a digital display, CSG turned to its trusted marketing communications consultant, Lindsey Mathieu of Golden Egg Concepts, for direction on how to proceed given the unfamiliar requirements and quick turnaround timeframe.

Lindsey suggested making a video, while acknowledging the inherent challenges. She and the CSG team pondered the following questions: If we produce a Do It Yourself video –– do we risk compromising the image of the firm? Could a professional video be produced to meet the strict deadline of the virtual platform that required the submission of final materials an entire month prior to the exhibition? Should we produce something market-specific that speaks directly to the needs of the audience at this particular event, or go with something more general?


Lindsey and her team made a number of thoughtful decisions: First, they rejected the concept of a DIY video on the basis that it would be extremely time consuming and would lack the polish of a professionally crafted production. Next, it was determined that a more general video, which could easily be repurposed for future expos and other marketing purposes, would deliver the best return on investment. From there, Lindsey crafted a modular script – CSG staff are featured at the beginning and end of the video speaking to visitors to the booth, while the main feature provides a visual overture and accompanying voiceover narrative of company capabilities and experience – allowing for easy repurposing down the road.

Geomatrix Productions was called upon to create the video and get the professional look she was seeking. “I came to Geomatrix with a limited budget and an extremely aggressive schedule to deliver the final video. They responded to the challenge and helped me back the team into manageable milestones and deliverables, one day at a time, from developing the draft script and filming on-site, to delivering assets and providing final comments. We worked together and got the job done in a period of about three business days.”


CSG debuted the video at the LeadingAge Connecticut show, and was pleased to receive glowing reviews from interested attendees – they thought it provided a great overview of the company and they appreciated the humor.

CSG’s video will be used for several upcoming virtual conferences, as well as to share with prospective clients outside of an online expo environment.

Contact Geomatrix today to find out how video can make your booth the star attraction of your next virtual conference!

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Bridgeport Teachers Get Creative During Quarantine

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

The unexpectedly eventful 2019-2020 school year has officially ended. However due to social distancing requirements brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, this year’s goodbyes came far sooner than graduation commencements. Bridgeport’s Thomas Hooker School expressed just how much they missed their students in the best way possible: through song.

Inspired by the official music video of “Get Up” from Kings Daughters featuring Brian May, Principal Giovanna Ramos along with faculty and staff decided to make signs, learn dances, and take pictures “together” while quarantined at home, and create a video of their own. With coordination from 6th Grade teacher Katie Smuckler, and post-production assistance from Geomatrix Productions the school was able to create a fun video encouraging students to stay strong. The teachers shared the video with their classes who viewed it over and over. Turns out if you want to reach kids with your message, video is the best way to do it. Who knew? (Well we did, actually.)  Watch the video now to see  how much the faculty and staff at Thomas Hooker School miss their students, and how creative they got while quarantined at home!

Let Geomatrix help YOU get creative with your next video project.

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Teens Tour The Gunnery in the Time of COVID-19

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

GunneryVirtualTourPageConnecticut is known as the home to some of the top boarding schools in the US, and they are all looking to recruit the best and brightest students. The students who have been accepted to these college preparatory programs often return for a closer look during “campus revisit days” before making their final choice. For a boarding school the campus revisit is a chance to show off their campus and make their closing pitch to students and their families.

In mid-March of 2020 the team at The Gunnery – Mr. Gunn’s School, in Washington, CT knew that the looming COVID-19 pandemic would likely make it impossible to hold their scheduled revisit days and a decision was made to look for alternatives. There was little time and quick action was needed.

Video is the best way to connect with teenagers and that is our target in the close.

According to Doug Day, Director of Marketing & Communications at The Gunnery, “The first thought was to rely heavily on video. Video is the best way to connect with teenagers and that is our target in the close. Data shows that the teenagers are the biggest driver of deciding what boarding school to attend. The challenge was we had very little time given the need to have this on our site by April 3. Your responsiveness was the difference maker. The Geomatrix team was attentive, quick, and flexible, and allowed us to get this done in an incredibly short window of time.”

Becky McGuire, Assistant Director of Marketing, Brand Management & Digital Strategies at The Gunnery shared her thoughts on the project. “We were thrilled to work with the creative Geomatrix team on formulating a quick response. The ideas of your team, and all you were able to accomplish in a crunched time frame gave us the necessary tools to bring our campus to all those that could not step foot here during this time. Being able to provide our families the insider look without having to come campus was meaningful and gave us the personal connections all of our families deserve while choosing their boarding school.”

Our average visit to the website stay on the site for a little over 2 minutes. Our revisit page, filled with 12 videos was retaining visitors for almost 12 mins.

As for results, Doug Day had this to report, “By way of data from this event: Our average visit to the website stay on the site for a little over 2 minutes. Our revisit page, filled with 12 videos was retaining visitors for almost 12 mins. Video is impactful.”

Contact Geomatrix to find out how video can help you make an impact and achieve your goals.

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How Habitat gets 8 out of 10 to Say Yes.  

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity has what every non-profit dreams about having. A recruiting and fund-raising “super-tool.” It is a two-and-a-half-minute video that captures the energy and illustrates the morale building that permeates throughout every Habitat home-build. They use it to help recruit for the organization’s Build-A-Thon, an annual event for corporate sponsors to come out and get all of the home projects built and enclosed before bad weather arrives. The organization has been able to use the video throughout several platforms, including social media, newsletters, e-blasts, their web site, and at presentations. Karraine Moody, Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity’s Chief Executive Officer, makes sure she shows it at every presentation she gives.

“We have many stake holders who help us create homeownership and the video captured that. Folks walk away fully informed and they know exactly what our mission is, and what a corporation’s role is within Build-A-Thon. The video confirms that what we are building isn’t substandard – it confirms that it is hands-on – and people come away saying, ‘OK, I get it now. It’s a great opportunity for my team. We are going to leave tired, but we are also going to leave fulfilled.’”

Moody says at the end of the day, 8 out of 10 potential sponsors now say yes to the commitment. Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.02.33 AM

“Once we present the video, it’s done. All the questions have been answered and everyone loves it. At that point it’s ‘OK, what dates are available and what does the sponsorship look like?”

 Habitat for Humanity’s believes everyone deserves the right to live in a decent, affordable home. The Habitat mission is to help families and individuals in need live in dignity and safety by constructing, rehabilitating and preserving homes they can call their own. The non-profit organization simply can’t fulfill that mission without the help of volunteers and corporate sponsors.

To ensure that potential sponsors who are approached say “yes,” Habitat decided they needed a video to “seal the deal.” They chose Geomatrix Productions to produce it.

“It was the first time for us to make this investment. It was really about how we could market Habitat beyond the base we currently have to introduce our affiliate and explain our mission to a wide range of new potential sponsors and volunteers. It also gave us the opportunity to spotlight some of our long standing sponsors and generate individual video clips for those sponsors to share the work they had done. To have real life testimonials and be able to give back to our long term sponsors was the biggest gift.”

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.04.28 AM

Moody says the organization looked at a few production companies, and because of Geomatrix’s open attitude to being on a construction site and the ease that was presented at their first meeting, they said “This is the firm for us.”

According to Moody, Geomatrix did not disappoint.

“We had a great experience. All of our questions were answered. While shooting video on the work site, we felt we had input by being able to see the clips and have the opportunity to make changes on the spot. To have that opportunity was amazing, especially because it was our first time doing a video. You want to have a partner who is going to be receptive, and who allows us to be at the table consistently throughout the process. I give Geomatrix a 10 in terms of customer service, follow through, input and feedback.”

Geomatrix producer Patrick Volk says capturing the energy of the build on video was infectious.

“The energy on the construction site pulled us into the project even more, and I think it shows on the finished product. We truly enjoyed collaborating with all the staff at Habitat and are thrilled they are happy with the outcome.”

Moody plans to work with the Geomatrix team on other videos in the near future.

“We’re coming back. What I love about the Geomatrix team is that everyone is engaged and everyone is bringing their A game to the table. To be on-site with professionals who are looking to give you their best product and who make sure you are content with the outcome – that’s priceless.”




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Building the Future: How A Video is Helping a Small Town Grow

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

With a rich tradition and a vision for the future, the Fairfield County, Connecticut town of Monroe is on the move. So when the members of its Economic Development Commission wanted to share the town’s appeal and economic advantages with the world, part of their plan was to have a video produced.

Hands down, they chose Geomatrix Productions to take the wheel on their journey.

The EDC’s goals were to ignite commercial development in their business and industry zone and attract skilled workers and families, thus increasing the tax base to continue to provide the town with a stable economy.

Monroe First Selectman Kenneth Kellogg:

“We wanted to have a robust marketing plan and I view this video as a key component of the bigger picture. For families and businesses deciding where to locate, this video tells our story. It showcases what we as a town have to offer and how we are changing with the times while retaining our town’s charm and character.”

In a collaborative effort, Geomatrix’s team wrote and produced a three minute video that captures the real essence of the town, from its history and heritage to its population, award winning schools, quality of life, neighborhoods, architecture and the arts. It highlights Monroe’s strong retail and corporate base and proximity to highways, large cities and the beautiful Connecticut coastline. And it concludes by referring to steps the town has created to make a move there easier for businesses – a new era in economic development.

The pace of the video combined with a welcoming voiceover and uplifting music evokes confidence and opportunity, as it encourages viewers to “stop and spend a day or two” to discover the town’s wealth of benefits for themselves.

The video is on the town’s web site, and has been shared with prospects on an ad hoc basis. It has been shared with the State Department of Economic and Community Development, and distributed on flash drives to commercial brokers.

“I’ve yet to hear anything but positive feedback on it,” said Kellogg. “It has helped us in more ways than we probably even know”.

Kellogg shared the process of working with the professionals at Geomatrix:

“When we went to that first review of the script, I said to myself, ‘Wow, they covered all the main points that were important to me and that we wanted to make sure were covered.’ We had a few ideas to maybe refine things a little, but they really did a great job in making sure that the message we were trying to get across was there, and it was all done within a limited amount of time. Additionally, they did so in a way that flowed really well. I was very impressed in their ability to get that script done as well as they did.”

As for the video itself, Kellogg said Geomatrix was right on target:

“It was important to get across the type of community we are. We have a farming history and a desire to not lose that New England charm and character but at the same time we understand that we need to grow our commercial and industrial base. The things like our parks and education system and farmers’ market – the things that show how engaged people are in the community and the fact that we have a lot of opportunity here with undeveloped land were key, along with the fact that we recognize responsible growth. The folks at Geomatrix hit it on the mark. It was an extremely positive experience. All of our interactions with them were excellent and professional and they listened and they delivered.”

You can build the future of your town or city with a video as well. Contact the professionals at Geomatrix to talk about how we can help.

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New Haven Apizza secret ingredient

The Secret Ingredient of New Haven Pizza and Beer Revealed

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

It turns out the same ingredient that makes New Haven pizza world renowned, also attracts master brewers to the area.

Integrated marketing and communications firm Mason, Inc. of Bethany, Connecticut was tasked by the distributor of this “secret” ingredient to spread the word about the quality, benefits, and cost effectiveness of their product.

So, who’s the client?

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Can One Video Entice Students AND Sell Parents (From all Over the World?)

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 4.30.20 PMWhen Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) in London, England decided to bring their series of highly successful independent international college prep summer programs to a university campus in the United States, they partnered  with the best. For the pilot program’s location, ORA chose the campus at Yale University. And to convey what makes the program so special to potential attendees and their families, they chose Geomatrix Productions to produce their marketing  video.  The ORA program brings  students, ages 13-18 from all over the world and widely varied backgrounds, to study together in New Haven.

Because ORA administration is located in England and the project required an extremely speedy turnaround, they needed an experienced video production company on the ground in the States that could work independently, effectively, and quickly. They trusted Geomatrix to meet the challenge of creating a compelling video that would engage multiple audiences.

Geomatrix producer Patrick Volk explains,

“The video had to entice international students by conveying the excitement and the rich experiences that await them through their enrollment, while also portraying to their families the high quality of the academics, the commitment to safety, and the character-building benefits of the program. All in less than two minutes!”

To do this, the story was told through the words of the ORA students and staff, via interviews conducted on location. “I generally prefer to tell a story through the words of the people involved. Doing it that way, instead of relying on a narrator, delivers a message that is more authentic and is more likely to resonate with the viewer, ” said Volk.

Putting interviewees at ease and coming up with the right questions and prompts can deliver powerful sound bites that come from the heart. The genuineness of the unscripted delivery adds to the persuasiveness of their words:

“It was like a dream come true for me.”

“I met new people from all over the world.”

“I didn’t know I’d learn so much and have such a great experience.”

To bring their words alive, and paint a vivid picture of the program,  Volk worked with  Geomatrix videographer Antoinette Canieso  to capture footage of the students actively participating in various activities around campus. The video culminates in a call to action, directly from the enthusiastic participants once again:

“Grab this, get your application and come to this amazing campus.”

“Don’t doubt yourself, go for it – just do it!”

The students were obviously very excited by the program, and Oxford Royale Academy was equally pleased with the Geomatrix video. ORA administration summed up the job this way:

“It was a pleasure working with Patrick and the Geomatrix team. They were extremely responsive and worked hard to get the program where we wanted it to be. I look forward to working with them in the future!”

From around the world, or in our own back yard, you can always count on Geomatrix to deliver a quality product that will genuinely connect with your audience and get the results you are looking for.


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Everyone’s a Winner with Contest Videos that Bring Financial Fitness to Life

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video


When integrated marketing and communications firm Mason, Inc. of Bethany, Connecticut wanted to bring a contest to life for one of their clients, they turned to Geomatrix Productions.

Connex Credit Union’s “ConneXfactor” program has been helping their members become financially fit for the last five years with a fun and friendly competition that awards cash prizes to the winners. Each year, five individuals, assisted by their Connex coaches, vie for a chance to win a $3,000 grand prize, a $1,000 first prize or a $500 second prize. The object is to help them get a better handle on their finances by reducing debt, paying off credit cards, improving their credit score, saving money for a financial goal and much more. The competition is tied to the mission of the credit union, “to improve the lives of members, one member at a time.” Even if an applicant is not chosen for the competition, they can still work with a financial advocate to help them reach their goals.

For the last three years, Derek Beere, Director of Client Services for Mason, Inc. has worked with the team at Geomatrix to create videos of the contest’s winner announcement ceremony. The videos document the surprise element of the ceremony, and through interviews, tell the effect each of the winners’ financial commitment has taken on his or her life. Each year’s video has been leveraged on Connex’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and emails as an exciting recruitment tool for the next year’s competition.

“I thought it would be a great idea to capture the event on video and to have the members share what they learned by participating in ConneXfactor,” said Beere. “It’s one thing for Connex to say “participate in the competition”, but it’s even more credible and powerful when you hear it from people who have gone through the process and hear how it has impacted their overall financial well- being.”
Over the course of the contest, the videos have been able to put a face on the competition that no other method can. According to Beere:
“The videos bring the whole concept to life on many levels. They humanize the competition, provide testimonials and deliver credibility for the credit union by having the members talk about their experiences on camera.”
Beere says that his client loves the videos, which have brought the contest concept to a new level by reinforcing Connex’s mission and demonstrating their commitment to their members.

“Cathie, Edgar and the team at Geomatrix are true professionals at what they do,” said Beere. “We view them as an extension of our team. When we have clients who require video or we recommend video, we can always count on Geomatrix to really deliver and go above and beyond and help us in that arena.”
He added, “In today’s marketing climate, video definitely helps to tell your story—it makes the story more compelling. I always say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million.”

Count on Geomatrix Productions to produce marketing videos that will bring your client’s project to life.

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What Facebook’s New Video Algorithm Means for Your Marketing

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video, Uncategorized


Facebook is turning into a full-fledged media company as it tries to compete with other video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. Companies are pouring millions into online video production services, usually in the form of easily digestible, short clips that appear on a user’s News Feed. When it comes to posting videos on social apps like Facebook, shorter videos are usually better because users tend to have a short attention span. However, Facebook’s new video algorithm is changing the way we think about online video content. If you’re in the business of posting videos on Facebook, take a moment to learn about what these changes mean for the way users experience your content.


It’s All About the Completion Rate


The new Facebook video algorithm is designed to promote the videos that are most popular with users. The algorithm monitors and rates videos based on how long users are tuning in, otherwise known as the completion rate. If you upload a video and users are tuning out after the one-minute mark, your video will rank higher in the news feed than if your users are tuning out after just 30 seconds. But shorter videos no longer have the market on shareability. Early in 2017, Facebook tweaked its video algorithm so that longer videos don’t fall by the wayside. The completion rate is now adjusted based on the length of the video. For example, if a user watches seven minutes of a ten-minute video, that video is going to get a bump as opposed to a three-minute video with users only tuning in for only about 90 seconds.


Longer Videos Are Getting a Bump


Overall, this means that longer videos are getting a bump in users’ News Feeds. Before, Facebook punished filmmakers and companies that published longer videos if users were only turning in for a small percentage of the total video. Now, longer videos will get to compete with short-form content. Short 60-second videos won’t disappear entirely, but Facebook is determined to make room for longer pieces, even if the user doesn’t watch the video all the way through to the end.


Facebook Wants to Replace Your TV


You might be asking yourself, why is Facebook making all of these changes? The answer is that while Facebook wants users to engage with content that they actually enjoy, Facebook also wants to attract top-tier talent. Facebook is dying to be the Amazon of the video community, so they’re casting a wide net. There are plenty of places online like Instagram and Snapchat where users can get their fill of 30-second clips, but Facebook wants users to engage with content for longer periods of time. So even if a video is over the ten-minute mark, that video will rank higher in the News Feed if people are tuning in for a sizeable period of time.


If you’re looking for a quality Connecticut based video production company that will help your organization utilize online video to succeed, come to Geomatrix Productions for the latest in online video creation and distribution.

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Outsmart Your Competition with an Affordable Brand Video

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

The best-run organizations continually look for ways to make every dollar yield double or triple value, even when producing a company video. That is called profitable spending.

What drives profitable spending for video production?   For small and midsize companies, every expenditure, especially the creation of a brand video, has the potential to yield additional value, if the business asks one simple question – “What else can we get from this expense?”


Discovering Efficiencies Within a Video Shoot Budget

All companies realize it is vital to have an online presence. Furthermore, 65% of all online traffic involves video, which means the first touch a prospect might have with your organization will be through video.

Small and midsize organizations need a robust and attractive brand image, and they work hard to support that image. To get their message out to their market, most business people realize that a high-quality company video is a fantastic way to tell their story. Unfortunately, many owners and CEOs also think that videos are cost prohibitive, but that is changing.

Save with Profitable Spending

Perhaps business owners and CEOs should look at producing a brand-enhancing video through the lens of profitable spending. Through profitable spending they discover three cost-saving realities:

  1. A video should be part of an integrated marketing plan designed to reach a broad audience that may include future customers.
  2. Planning to shoot all images and interviews in one day reduces travel and setup costs, and can cut the total shoot budget by 50% or more. This savings is typically accomplished when all interviewees are ready and available on the same day.
  3. A compelling brand video reveals your core principles to a vast audience and pre-sells prospects on the advantages of doing business with you. This type of message shortens a sales cycle and lowers the cost of sales.

Stantec – Where Design and Community Matter

Stantec is one of the largest design, engineering, architecture, and construction firms in the world. They understand and design structures that harmonize with the vibrant communities in which they design and build. To reinforce their unique brand, management wanted to create a video that accentuated how brilliant design concepts work with a community’s style.

At the time management was considering the video, their top designers and architects were traveling to Stantec in Boston for an unrelated business meeting. With the design team on site, senior management thought it would be the perfect opportunity to leverage their travel expenses and create a two-minute company video emphasizing the firm’s unique design culture.

Their first idea was to shoot a video of the designers participating, as a group, in a meeting.   After discussing other options with Geomatrix Productions, it was decided that shooting each designer in a private setting, one-on-one, and interviewing them about Stantec’s capabilities would have the most impact. The team considered the video project from multiple angles. Nothing was left to chance.

The result was a smart, thought-provoking brand video that distinctly set Stantec apart from other design firms. Moreover, Geomatrix produced the video in a way that maximized efficiency and stayed under budget.

Geomatrix Productions is Your Partner Behind the Camera

The Geomatrix team prides itself on finding practical ways to reduce your production costs, all the while creating a stunning visual experience that far exceeds expectations. Profitable spending is just part of our culture!

Cathie Reese, Geomatrix President said, “We always look for ways to help our clients stretch each dollar. More importantly, we pride ourselves on finding the best way to tell their stories while staying within their budgets.”

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