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The Secret Ingredient of New Haven Pizza and Beer Revealed

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

It turns out the same ingredient that makes New Haven pizza world renowned, also attracts master brewers to the area.

Integrated marketing and communications firm Mason, Inc. of Bethany, Connecticut was tasked by the distributor of this “secret” ingredient to spread the word about the quality, benefits, and cost effectiveness of their product.

So, who’s the client?

The Regional Water Authority!

Marketing pros Sharon and Charlie Mason brought in Geomatrix producer Cathie Reese to produce short videos profiling two New Haven businesses, one iconic and one new, that rely on the RWA water to power their products.

Reese worked with Mason and her creative video crew to capture the essence of the brands at Modern Apizza and East Rock Brewing Company.

“I have to admit that I am a true pizza and beer fan, so telling these stories was not a difficult assignment “ she said.  “It certainly helped that each person we interviewed shared a passion about their product that helped inform some really creative shooting.”

According to Mason, “With the Quality on Tap campaign we really wanted to convey the value that the RWA water brings to the products and the community. Water is not only an essential ingredient, it’s also the most affordable one!”

She continued, “Working with Geomatrix and Cathie is always a pleasure because she quickly gets to a real understanding of our goals, and I know from past experience they always do a great job with the resources provided.”

Yes, the videos do reveal exactly what it is that makes the RWA water so desirable for making pizza and beer, so take a look and satisfy your curiosity.

The secret ingredient to great pizza and beer? Pure water from the Reginal Water Authority! The secret ingredients to a successful marketing video? Mason, Inc. and Geomatrix Productions!



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