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It Was 40 Years Ago (or so) Geomatrix Started Making Videos

by Geomatrix Productions in Geo Happenings

As Geomatrix Productions celebrates 40 years, it is known as a small business that thinks big and gets enormous results for its clients.

Geo’s success can be summed up in a few words: responsive to change. The company, established in 1978 and based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, has prioritized remaining progressive and relevant. By recognizing that it must be transformational to endure, it has established itself as a prominent leader in the field of video content creation.

Geomatrix’s creative niche is the production of litigation support video. Simply put, they help lawyers win lawsuits. Through the power of video, they present cases to the decision makers – insurance adjusters, judges, mediators and juries – who decide on the outcome.

Additionally, they offer an array of expert technical services, including electronic trial presentation. Using cutting-edge courtroom technology to present evidence in real time to juries, the Geomatrix technicians become a part of the trial team.

In 2018 alone, Geomatrix has assisted in obtaining nearly $100 million in awards.

They have become the go-to company for lawyers seeking the best possible outcome for their clients.

Cathie Reese has been with Geomatrix Productions almost since its inception. Today she is the company’s president, and a partner with producers Edgar Smith and Patrick Volk, who are both skilled editors and storytellers. She says their empathy for plaintiffs and their families help them get to the heart of the message.

Geomatrix also has a strong presence in the AEC (architectural, engineering and construction) industry.

They help clients boost brand recognition and win design/build proposals worldwide. Marketing a professional service presents its challenges, but the team relies on decades of experience to get the story told. What’s more, they nimbly take on projects from clients in education, medicine and the non-profit world, incorporating 3D animation and drone aerials into their ever-expanding toolkit.

Geomatrix really listens to their clients. The team of producers, writers, editors, videographers, motion graphics and animation designers has the innate ability to react and respond quickly to any request. And they invest time and resources in their clients’ industries. Reese is on the board of directors of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS CT) and the firm is a Gold Partner for Justice of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. Additionally, they present continuing legal education seminars to law firms.

The culture at Geomatrix is one of empowerment.

“When you are in a creative business, it’s important to allow people to get the job done in a way that works for them, with a result that meets our standards and the client’s needs,” said Reese. “The average tenure of each employee here is 20 years. I think people stay because every day is different, every project is different, and every client is different. We are constantly learning and being challenged. The partners also strive to make sure our employees’ futures are secure and I know that is appreciated.”

Back in the 80’s, Geomatrix’s clients consisted of mostly Fortune 500 companies with large budgets that allowed for video production. Today, as video has become more accessible and is needed by virtually every business, Geomatrix attracts and maintains a variety of loyal clients of many sizes. Reese attributes that to the Geo team’s finely-honed skills and talent, creativity, attention to quality, sound business practices and ability to stay ahead of the curve.

Geomatrix is proud of its longevity in a field where many other companies have come and gone.

“We have thrived for 40 years because we remain in tune with our clients and the industries we serve, have the right tools and the skill to use them. We can’t know exactly how technology will evolve in the next decades. But we can be certain that we will be there for the next generation of Geomatrix clients.”

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