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5 Reasons Why You Should Sync Your Video Deposition

by Geomatrix Productions in Legal Video

Synchronizing a video deposition to the transcript is a necessary step to enable “final hour” video edits to be done at trial. However, “syncs” are also a great tool for trial preparation.

Having a sync of your party opponents and their expert witnesses allow you to identify and create relevant video clips to use for impeachment. You can also review the video production to see how witnesses react to your questions. This may help you strategize your questioning at trial.

  1. Evaluate Witnesses. Video depositions can be extremely valuable. You can learn a lot by reading a transcript, but you can’t read tone and body language and you get no sense of timing. Sometimes a long pause to a simple question can be more persuasive than the actual answer.  Our video production can help solve these problems.
  2. Strategize Trial Questioning. Because you can evaluate how a witness responded to your questioning at the deposition, you have a good idea of how they will react to your questions at trial.
  3. Find Best Clips for Impeachment. It can be pretty hard for a witness to argue with a video production of themselves. And it can be even harder for them to maintain their credibility while doing it.
  4. Utilize the Party Opponent Exception Rule. Since witnesses are often not prepared as well for their deposition as they are for their trial testimony, playing some clips from their video deposition may be helpful. If they are a party opponent, you can do this instead of or in addition to questioning them live.
  5. Video Edits at Trial. It is best to plan what portions of depositions you want played at trial. However, even if you get surprised with a witnesses answer, or

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