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How Do I Prepare for an Electronic Trial?

by Geomatrix Productions in Legal Video

Electronic evidence lets everyone in the courtroom see exhibits simultaneously. Evidence comes to life as key information is presented through our legal video services. In today’s visual society, presenting evidence through digital video production has become essential.

  1. Contact your trial technician early.

In a simple one hour meeting we can form a presentation plan to fit your video production needs for your case.

  1. Prepare video depositions

We understand that you can’t always get the judge to rule on evidence & testimony beforehand. Editing video depositions can be done during a trial, but in order to have that ability, we need time to synchronize the video to the transcript.

  1. Pre-mark your exhibits.

If exhibits are pre-marked, then the electronic document can be named by the exhibit number. This allows for very easy communication with your trial tech.

  1. Bates Stamps are a good alternative to pre-marking.

Bates stamping allows for every page of every record to have an individual name. They are especially helpful with records with hundreds of pages.

  1. Use the original digital files for photos.

A scan of a printed photo will never look as good as the original file. Many digital photos have such high quality that you can zoom pretty far in without losing any detail.

  1. Don’t change your routine.

The only change in conducting an electronic trial is that when you are speaking about an exhibit everyone will be looking at it.

Check out the Geomatrix white paper “Litigation in the Software Age” to get an in depth understanding of how to best present your digital evidence.

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