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The Health CareeRx Academy is In Session

by Geomatrix Productions in Geo Happenings

The Southwestern Connecticut Health CareeRx Academy is open for business, and using videos from Geomatrix to spread the word.  A regional partnership of hospitals, colleges, businesses, labor and numerous community-based organizations, the Health CareeRx Academy assists healthcare employers fulfill their hiring needs by supplying highly trained and motivated healthcare workers.

To explain the benefits of the Academy to both potential employers and hopeful job seekers, Geomatrix was brought in to produce two corporate videos. One video shows local healthcare employers how the academy will meet their significant needs for new employees, while the other targets potential students to explain how the Academy can provide them with the skills and supports needed to obtain employment and sustain themselves and their families.

The WorkPlace is a company of ideas and actions, resources and initiatives working together for the greater good of the economy, and society as a whole.  Geomatrix is proud that our video productions are helping to connect the long term unemployed with long term career success.

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