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How Do I Play a Video Deposition in Court?

by Geomatrix Productions in Legal Video

  1. Plan Video Production Ahead of Time.

    Call to schedule the playback a week before your trial. In addition to helping the techs plan their schedules, it also allows time for video editing.


  1. File the Video Production Equipment Permission Form.

    JD-CL-90 is the form you need to file with the court in order to bring electronic equipment into a courthouse.


  1. Video Editing Before Trial.

    Work with your opposing counsel to come to an agreement on material to be admitted. Have the judge rule on objections in advance. Explain to the judge that the rulings will allow you to have a more seamless presentation during trial, limiting wasted time for in-court editing.


  1. Plan to Finish the Legal Video in One Day.

    You will know the length of the edited video. If possible, allow for enough time to play the video in one day. This will save the added cost of bringing in a tech for a second day, and will leave a stronger impression on the jury.


  1. Mornings are Better than Afternoons.

    If you have a choice, play a video deposition in the morning. After jury eats lunch, it may be harder for them to focus on a legal video for a long period of time.

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