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When Worlds Collide: Our Video Production Environment

by Geomatrix Productions in Geo Happenings

Our world here at Geomatrix includes a disparate collection of clients from very diverse industries.

We are recognized as the leading provider of litigation video support services in Connecticut, we create effective web marketing programs for industry, and we produce fund-raising and development video for non-profits.

When the non-profit Children’s Law Center of Connecticut approached us to do a PSA to raise awareness of the work they do, I immediately knew we were the perfect fit. We drew upon the varied experiences from all our work to create this compelling piece – and even included the children of production colleagues and Geomatrix partner and editor Patrick Volk.

The CLC protects the legal rights of children in Family Court, shields them from the crossfire of parental conflict, and in so doing, strengthens families in crisis. The approach is groundbreaking in that they use a cross disciplinary, child centered model that combines legal representation with a mental health component for clients.

Singer-songwriter Suzanne Sheridan provided the soundtrack, “Stand for Children,” Executive Producer Rozanne Gates put the people together, and the video premiered recently to over 300 people at the Children’s Law Center’s annual fundraising event entitled, ”We Are Family.”

And for Geomatrix, this project was family.

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