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3 Reasons Why Picture in Picture Video Depositions are Here to Stay

by Geomatrix Productions in Legal Video

Improved technology means picture in picture video depositions have finally come into their own. There are many reasons why they are so effective, here are three big ones.

1. Deponent is always on camera. Even when visual evidence is presented. Picture in picture video depos use a secondary source, be it an Elmo document camera or a connected laptop to present visual evidence on screen while the depo tech keeps the primary camera focused on the deponent.

2. Easy inclusion of original digital evidence. Sourcing images directly from a laptop means higher quality visual evidence is not compromised by having to point the camera at images printed out on paper, or having to shoot a video playing on a monitor.

3. Capture a witness’ reaction in real-time as they view the evidence. Seeing a witness react their first time watching a surveillance video of a crash can be incredibly impactful.

Watch the short video to see how PIP video depos work and learn how you can use them effectively. Call Geomatrix to find out more, or to schedule a picture in picture video deposition.

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