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Questions to consider producing your Day in the Life Documentary

by Geomatrix Productions in Legal Video

The Day in the Life Documentary video production is an essential piece of evidence in personal injury litigation.  It not only captures the extent of the damages suffered by the plaintiff, but, done over time, can chronicle recovery.


There is nothing more compelling than “being there” as a severely injured client struggles to learn how to walk again for the first time, or learns to adapt to life with diminished capacity.


Preparing a successful and compelling Day in the Life Documentary, while still considering the rules of evidence takes careful planning and a skilled video production crew.


Before discussing your Day in the Life Documentary video production, you should be able to answer the following:


Is your client at home or in a facility?

Can he/she speak for himself or will a care giver do that?

Who is the primary care giver?

If at a facility – have they given permission for us to videotape staff?

What is the level of care required?

Is the client undergoing any kind of therapy?

Where is therapy done? Do we have permission to videotape the therapist?

Who else should be included in the video? Family? Professionals?

Do you know the client’s schedule?  For ex. if aqua therapy is important, when is it?

Who will do the voice over?

Has the client been informed of our video production services?

What is the client’s level of comfort with the video?





In addition, please consider:


Will the attorney be present during the recording?

What is the deadline?

How will the video production be presented to the opposition?


Geomatrix Productions has produced nearly 1,000 Day in the Life videos.  Our professional video production team will be happy to help.

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