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Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Think Outside the Box – Break an Impasse – Settle a case

Great lawyers are gifted in two areas: their knowledge of the law their ability to present and persuade The rules of evidence dictate how a legal argument is presented in court. However, during pretrial, great lawyers realize they are not as restricted, and can creatively use their gift of persuasion to better represent their clients. […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Feel the Pain, Win the Case

In the book, Experiencing Other Minds in the Courtroom, Neal Feigenson describes how the value of visual evidence is significantly impacted by who creates it, how it is made, and how it is presented. His ground-breaking research is of critical importance for personal injury lawyers today because the use of video is expanding exponentially in […]

Legal Video Tips

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Settlement Video Helps to Win $5.3 Million for Family

In May, 2016, a 74-year-old New York man and his wife were driving from New York to Connecticut in anticipation of attending their grandson’s baptism. As they rounded a bend in the road, an SUV driven by a 19-year-old male crossed the center line and struck them head-on. Their car crashed into the guardrails and […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Case Study: Defective Highway (When 99.9 % isn’t good enough.)

Jim Bergenn, Esq. “In a defective highway case, if you are point one percent at fault you recover nothing. Most lawyers won’t take the cases. I took took one particular case where there was a bicyclist whose bike tripped over a pot-hole. He went over the handlebars, and even though he had a helmet he […]

Corporate Video Tips

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

What Facebook’s New Video Algorithm Means for Your Marketing

  Facebook is turning into a full-fledged media company as it tries to compete with other video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. Companies are pouring millions into online video production services, usually in the form of easily digestible, short clips that appear on a user’s News Feed. When it comes to posting videos on […]

Video Production Tips From Geomatrix

Outsmart Your Competition with an Affordable Brand Video

The best-run organizations continually look for ways to make every dollar yield double or triple value, even when producing a company video. That is called profitable spending. What drives profitable spending for video production?   For small and midsize companies, every expenditure, especially the creation of a brand video, has the potential to yield additional value, […]

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