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Outsmart Your Competition with an Affordable Brand Video

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

The best-run organizations continually look for ways to make every dollar yield double or triple value, even when producing a company video. That is called profitable spending.

What drives profitable spending for video production?   For small and midsize companies, every expenditure, especially the creation of a brand video, has the potential to yield additional value, if the business asks one simple question – “What else can we get from this expense?”


Discovering Efficiencies Within a Video Shoot Budget

All companies realize it is vital to have an online presence. Furthermore, 65% of all online traffic involves video, which means the first touch a prospect might have with your organization will be through video.

Small and midsize organizations need a robust and attractive brand image, and they work hard to support that image. To get their message out to their market, most business people realize that a high-quality company video is a fantastic way to tell their story. Unfortunately, many owners and CEOs also think that videos are cost prohibitive, but that is changing.

Save with Profitable Spending

Perhaps business owners and CEOs should look at producing a brand-enhancing video through the lens of profitable spending. Through profitable spending they discover three cost-saving realities:

  1. A video should be part of an integrated marketing plan designed to reach a broad audience that may include future customers.
  2. Planning to shoot all images and interviews in one day reduces travel and setup costs, and can cut the total shoot budget by 50% or more. This savings is typically accomplished when all interviewees are ready and available on the same day.
  3. A compelling brand video reveals your core principles to a vast audience and pre-sells prospects on the advantages of doing business with you. This type of message shortens a sales cycle and lowers the cost of sales.

Stantec – Where Design and Community Matter

Stantec is one of the largest design, engineering, architecture, and construction firms in the world. They understand and design structures that harmonize with the vibrant communities in which they design and build. To reinforce their unique brand, management wanted to create a video that accentuated how brilliant design concepts work with a community’s style.

At the time management was considering the video, their top designers and architects were traveling to Stantec in Boston for an unrelated business meeting. With the design team on site, senior management thought it would be the perfect opportunity to leverage their travel expenses and create a two-minute company video emphasizing the firm’s unique design culture.

Their first idea was to shoot a video of the designers participating, as a group, in a meeting.   After discussing other options with Geomatrix Productions, it was decided that shooting each designer in a private setting, one-on-one, and interviewing them about Stantec’s capabilities would have the most impact. The team considered the video project from multiple angles. Nothing was left to chance.

The result was a smart, thought-provoking brand video that distinctly set Stantec apart from other design firms. Moreover, Geomatrix produced the video in a way that maximized efficiency and stayed under budget.

Geomatrix Productions is Your Partner Behind the Camera

The Geomatrix team prides itself on finding practical ways to reduce your production costs, all the while creating a stunning visual experience that far exceeds expectations. Profitable spending is just part of our culture!

Cathie Reese, Geomatrix President said, “We always look for ways to help our clients stretch each dollar. More importantly, we pride ourselves on finding the best way to tell their stories while staying within their budgets.”

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