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The iDevice Interview: Step by Step

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

OK, we’ll admit it.  Sometimes you MUST do your own recording.


Maybe the boss has asked you to capture a great client’s testimonial on video on your next trip to Hong Kong.  Or maybe, just maybe there is ZERO dollars in your budget to capture the president’s farewell message to a long-time employee.


Here are some tips to getting a credible recording using your iDevice:


  1. Find a very quiet room.

Ambient noise such as humming equipment, piped in music or nearby conversation will be highly distracting.


  1. Select a plain, professionally appropriate background. 

Do not sit in front of a window and avoid having windows in the shot.


  1. Place the iDevice on a solid level surface at about eye height.

The subject should be approximately 3 to 4 feet from the phone. The picture can be vertical and should be centered.   The top of the head should be within the picture frame. It will be helpful to brace or prop the phone in place so it does not shake during the recording.


  1. Enlist help with the recording.

Have someone start the recording and read the questions if you do not have a speaker-phone interview.  The helper should sit directly behind the iPhone, again at eye level. Speak directly to them. Do not shift your eyes around to others in the room.


  1. To record video, select the camera icon and slide to select video.

Start by pressing the red button. There will be a soft chime and a timer will begin counting at the top of the screen. Stop the recording by pressing the red button again.


  1. Import the movie into iPhoto.

The owner of the phone or tablet will need connect the device with their computer and open iPhoto to import the movie(s).


  1. Play and review the takes on the computer. 

Once imported, the movie(s) will appear in the last import window. If there is part of a take you do not want to use, the clip can be trimmed by clicking the sprocket icon.


Good luck!  Help can always be on the way…..

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