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Don’t Miss this Powerful Zoom Feature

by Geomatrix Productions in Legal Video

Zoom’s most under-utilized feature: On-screen presentation of exhibits

Presenting on-screen exhibits during remote video depositions is a powerful feature of these applications but requires learning a complex new technology or adding a trained trial technician to your deposition.  The features available are quite effective and are similar in some ways to our electronic trial presentation services or a picture-in-picture video deposition.  All attending the deposition can see exhibits shared in real time. Remote video depositions allow for exhibit annotation with distinctions of who creates the mark ups. We offer a look into technician operated, and self-run exhibit presentations in this short video.

Zoom’s fatal flaw: no control over on-screen video feed

While do-it-yourself automatic Zoom recordings may appear as an easy solution, they have one basic limitation that renders them practically useless for the recording of video depositions.  An automatic Zoom recording offers no control over the on-screen video feed and will switch views depending on who is speaking.  There is value in your witness’s reaction and that value is lost when the recording is compromised due to the automated functionality of Zoom.  A Geomatrix depo technician will manage the process and ensure  a dependable, professional recording.

Remote video deposition recording technology is evolving quickly. Call Geomatrix to find out more about it or to schedule your remote video deposition.


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