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7 Tips for Creating Great Online Videos.

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

Online video powers your message. Video productions can attract an audience that may not otherwise read your story; and video communicates with intensity.

Want to produce your own video?  First, read this checklist.

  1. Sound is everything. Without great audio your video will be unwatchable. You need to get a good, professional microphone (preferably wireless) and you need to place it correctly. Make sure it is monitored by a dedicated crew member throughout the recording.  
  2. Lighting. Poor lighting will mark your video production as cheap and unwatchable. Professional lighting kits are a necessity when sufficient natural lighting is not available.
  3. Camera. In the hands of a professional, even an iPhone can be used to get decent footage.  In the hands of most people, an iPhone will capture footage that looks like it was shot with an iPhone.  Rent a professional video camera or hire a professional who has one, and knows how to use it.
  4. Stable footage. Shaky camerawork was very stylish several years ago… and it made everyone sick. For the sake of your audience, and for the sake of your compression algorithms, a steady shot is a better shot. Get a good tripod and use it.
  5. Video Editing.  Home video editing apps are numerous and easy to come by.  Take a couple of days (or weeks maybe) and learn how to use one.  Or hire a professional who has years of experience and spend your time more productively.
  6.   Choose your shooting location with care. Arrange to shoot in an appropriate location or put together an attractive set for your video shoot.
  7.   Most self-produced videos have no scriptwriting at all.  You need a script.  Scriptwriters write scripts better and faster than you can.


Many businesses delay their internet video production because the process seems daunting and costly.  But every day of delay means the competition is getting ahead.

Jump in and try it, at least it will be good practice.  Contact an experienced video production company when you need something beyond what you can achieve in-house.  Set your budget parameters, and find an online video services company that is able to work within your budget.  Then, have fun with the process and enjoy the positive results of promoting your brand.

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