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Your Successful Company Marketing Video – Part Three

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

You have studied our previous blogs, looked deep into your business and answered, “The Top 5 Questions to Answer Before Scripting.

You have created a bang-up plan and have completed all 5 tasks in “The Top 5 Things to Do Before the Camera Rolls.”

At last, the shoot day has arrived and you are ready to roll.

But WAIT, what should you and your team wear?

Here are the “Top 10 Wardrobe-Malfunction-Preventers.”

  1. Plan to bring several ironed shirts/blouses or sweaters to give the crew some choice of the color. Also, you might want to change for some of the  “b-roll” shots to make it look like multiple days.


  1. Colors that work well include blue, green, burgundy, gray, pastels (not too pale), earth-tones. Wear solid colors. Avoid seasonal looks such as heavy turtlenecks or tank tops.  Go generic, such as a soft v-neck sweaters, polo/tennis shirts, trendy blouses, or anything else you might wear to work or when meeting clients.


  1. Do not bring
    • shirts with large patterns or geometric shapes
    • clothing with tight patterns or pin stripes
    • white or bright green shirts
    • anything shiny or with a large logo


  1. Wear clothing that feels good to you in a style that suits your position. Do not wear something for the shoot that you would not ordinarily wear.


  1. Wear your eyeglasses if you want, but expect to be asked to tip them up slightly to avoid reflection. If they darken when the sun is out, they will darken under the lights.  Avoid this.


  1. Women should wear their regular makeup, however avoid the highly sparkly stuff. Everyone may be asked to wear our powder to minimize shine


  1. If there is a company uniform- wear it!


  1. If there is a requirement for safety gear (PPE) – wear it!


  1. If there is a signature name badge or company pin – wear it!


  • If it does not fit well – DON’T wear it!

Relax and have a great shoot!!!

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