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Your Successful Company Marketing Video – Part Two

by Geomatrix Productions in Corporate Video

The Top 5 Things to Do Before the Camera Rolls

You have taken the plunge to produce a great company marketing video for your inbound social media campaign and website.

You have studied hard, looked deep into your business and answered, “The Top 5 Questions to Answer Before Scripting.”

At last, the shoot day has arrived.

But WAIT, have be sure you have done the following:

  1. Prepare your surroundings. If tidy matters, do this in advance of the first “action” call.


TIP:  tidy matters!

  1. Prepare your staff. Think of the visuals that will support your message.  Be prepared to put your best foot forward

TIP:  not everyone is photogenic – enough said.

  1. Prepare yourself. If you will be interviewed, you should feel comfortable talking in a conversational tone about the business.

TIP:  DO NOT rehearse.  We promise you’ll be a lot happier with the results.

  1. Think product-placement. This is your chance to really shine – remember to put your best foot forward.

TIP:  product placement should be subtle, the neon sign is never a good idea.

  1. Watch for distractions, such as humming lights, loud machinery, bright windows, street noise, ringing phones, thin cubicle walls, keyboard sounds, other meetings, delivery people, clueless people…..


TIP:  everything is a distraction on the shoot day.  Be prepared for sense-of-humor meltdowns.

Your company video is an important reflection on you and your business.  The quality of the finished product relies not only on the skill of the team shooting, video editing and producing it, but the effort you put in to preparing.

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